War on Christmas Losing Ammunition by Indifference

A Sacramento Bee post illustrates the changing religious demography in relation to millennials (youths born in the U.S. post 1980) and how 88 percent may be celebrating the Christmas holiday, that only 44% of those see it as religious. In their usual journalism that is, as always, conspicuously unburdened with originality or depth–CNN highlighted (in their perennial fashion) the “War on Christmas” by asking if President Donald Trump had “ended it” “as promised.” Holidays have human origins, and this only lends more circumstantial evidence to the fact that the winter solstice inspires us to get together with our friends, have some good food, be a bit more generous, and inevitably set goals for ourselves that we will let atrophy by mid February. The only thing existent about the “war on Christmas,” is that it is under religious pretense and its purpose is to make money for a handful of shameful industries (such as CNN and NewsCorp).

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