Year: 2017

From Aceh Animus to Nationwide Sweep: Gays under fire in Indonesia

Where many other states in similar positions failed in democratic consolidation in the midsts of long-running military dictatorship, Indonesia’s decentralization has proven bountiful and baneful for the substantive rights for which we would hope in a modern democracy. For example, while running for a second term, Basuki (“Ahok”) Purnama wound

Inference of Abhorrent Atheism (Maybe) a Bridge Too Far

Three scholars published in¬†Evolutionary Psychology Science have made a claim that the post-industrial world’s muting of the thinning of “fitness-damaging genetic mutations,” that a predisposition to a lack of belief in God (atheism) is associated with “four indicators of [a high] mutational load” (poor genetic health, fluctuating asymmetry, left-handedness, and